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The film is said to have a lot of bold scenes that can make anyone weak in the knees.Source The film released in 2015 and is based on Indo-Pak era.The company says that around one per cent of people identify as "other".Currently Facebook targets adverts to users based on their gender.If we abandon Pahlaj Nihalani's reign over the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) from our list, there have been numerous Bollywood films with bold content and intimate scenes.

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The TV reality star and mom of three later confessed to a friend online that she was a “bad person,” but also that she was “glad” the boy had sex with her and not a “skinny and skanky 15-year-old.” “He wanted introducing, I’m an expert, it happened,” she told the friend, asking her to delete their conversation.

Even after all these restrictions and set of do's and don'ts films like 'Hate Story' and 'Murder' were successful enough to cater the attention of the Indian audience.

It's not as if bold content is made only in Bollywood, Bengali films have emerged out as bold and sensuous too.

University of California thinktank The Williams Institute estimates that 700,000 people in the US identify in some way as transgender.

The list of 50 options was drawn up after consultations with a range of gay and transgender groups, but will still allow users to keep their sex entirely private if they wish to do so.

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