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It follows the misadventures of multiple characters thru various story lines as well as one off jokes. Accelia and Arona are two friends who both were orphaned as babes.Alienated by the rest of the elves they've always looked out for eachother, but everything changes when some unexpected visitors come for a visit one night.Who knew it would be a girls school And with a new student in school things just got freaky and a bit akward... Aftermath is a manga being hosted online for nunerous reasons, one of which is public feedback.It follows the life of a kid named Rhen as he gets entered into a ninja academy.The story begins when Johnny accidentally summons Deemos, a lesser demon, from the abyss through his fireplace.Violence, Swearing, Adult Situations, And Much Much Less!

Splitting loyalties, evil sisters, and accusations of incest. (updates randomly)Sentient Puddle is a webcomic about technology and the absurdity of religion and life in general.Welcome to comics, I hope you brought a life jacket.There's no way to really summarize this comic...How Bowie can handle this information is anybody Mot Fleishman, a twenty-something living in Los Angeles, is suddenly thrust into the company Eros Inc. While living in the city, she matches up the hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless. Sarah never asked to become a demon slayer and yet events unfurled that took her along a path and a destiny few would choose. Will Zelda have the cure for these weird affections?Sadie is transported to another realm by shady characters for a questionable purpose. Based off of the story, " The Wolf & The Lamb*." Bodyguard and Mercenary, Laine Reinward aka Wolf, is sent to capture and protect a unknown girl nicknamed Little Lamb.

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