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Joseph, and ponder these mysteries in their hearts along with all that we have been given in these times.

Let us ponder why we have been given the extraordinary Year of Mercy and how our lives must never be the same as we look to a new reign of Christ in the world—a reign that will come only after it has been purified through the work of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which Our Lady at Fatima has promised will happen.

He didn’t have to do that to accomplish this, but it shows the world Who is in charge of history and that God’s ways are not our ways (cf.

Isaiah 55:8) There seems to be a parallel in our moment of history, as there is tremendous change taking place these days.

A perfect revelation of this truth is found in the “wise men”, the great kings of the east — kings of great power and wealth — who saw the signs in the heavens which spoke to the coming of a King of Kings. Ultimately it was not by looking up, but looking down into a cave.

They realized that in order to enter and see the King of Kings, they needed to stoop to enter.

This mystery playing out before the Magi, the shepherds and the Holy Family at Bethlehem, in the midst of an unknowing Roman Empire, is found perfectly explained in Mary’s Magnificat: His mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation.

Parishes would need to agree to provide strong promotion for the event to increase attendance.

What is God saying to the world and for what is this year of Mercy preparing the Church?

This year was given so that our hearts may once again be cleaned out and make space for the coming of Jesus Christ, Who came to deliver us from the evils of this world and give us the life that leads to true freedom — a deliverance and freedom that is only found and given to those humble enough to ask for it and receive it from Jesus Christ.

It is what the Church puts before us during Advent.

Mary is always the Advent of Christ, who prepares our hearts to be immaculate and humble like hers, so that we may be blessed to see God as the Beatitude announces to us.

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