Senior sex chatrooms

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Sarah X was a pen name she had written under once in college when writing for a political publication and she had day dreams about the exciting life Sarah led in an inner Sydney apartment with a full sex life and pumping out pornographic stories for the masses. She wanted to attract people to her stories and had to admit that she found the idea of turning strangers on thrilling.

So she had settled for a picture of herself sitting at her computer with just her ample cleavage showing.

After that they had had some incredible sex and really had a great session exploring exactly what things excited them both. She petulantly shut down her email and sulked for a while.

But now he was away again and she found herself spending a lot of late nights on the site, posting stories and interacting with other members. She knew that Alex would not mind and, hey, a girl likes to feel appreciated. Alex had been gone for two weeks and she sent him an email suggesting that he should create his own profile and have some fun with her online. But as he had known she would, she soon brought up her profile and went straight to her inbox.

" She immediately wrote back asking him what his profile name was but received a maddening response. Quite a few referenced a particular story she had written, or a comment she had left on a board, where she tended towards the explicit.

Others were just more in the way of general chat ups.

Mostly for stories but to be honest she found that now when Alex was away and she masturbated, more often than not she pictured herself in wild scenes inspired by stories and kinks she had read about.

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And the more she spoke to others about their kinks and fantasies the more ideas she got.

At first she had just set up an account under the name Sarah X.

After all, she didn't have any control over who was reading the stories and didn't want some weirdo stalking her.

Anyone who clicked on Sarah X now got a shot of her leaning forward into her computer screen with just her lipsticked mouth and large breasts almost spilling out of her polka dot bra.

Inevitably, the personal messages had started flooding into her inbox. Some were pushy, some were polite and some were downright disturbing!

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