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Finally, the hotel in question is the Bowery Hotel in NYC and has no "back door" of any sort. I'm afraid the webmaster must simply have become annoyed with these threads. Maybe they've come to see them as the heir to the notorious "Prancing Pony" threads of old (obsessive LOTR shippers), which were banned as well after a while.

I'd consider this a very unfair comparison, because those threads were all over the forums, and had a very fanatic tone (at least that's what I've heard - I didn't visit DL much at the time), whereas the Nick/Harry discussion has always restricted itself to one thread at a time, and has (in spite of some "shipping" tendencies) kept a compratively objective tone (or at least not a batshit crazy one.)But then DL has always been run somewhat arbitrarily. Do you have to register or can you just jump on and post like you can here?

Harry arrived an hour LATER, clearly hoping the paps had left, but unfortunately a few stragglers remained, enough to capture all of two seconds of video of him walking in.

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I think we'd all miss you if you didn't come along.

They are fair game for gossip, innuendo and general internet discussion.

The same holds true for whatever "closeted celebs" you have devoted yourselves to discussing.

I guess we are the only ones who realize Harry is gay. Maybe at 42 I'm too old to appreciate it, but I remember being 18 very well, so I can see Harry being attractive to another young guy. But, still, hooking up with Taylor Swift is akin to donning a giant rainbow flag. It is obvious the park stroll and hotel pictures were ready-to-go camera ops though.

The powers that be must have figured the Selen and Justin thing might be getting ready to explode and the Robsten Twilight is finally over or definitely in it's deaththroes. Harry can disappear for days on end with discretion (so can Taylor) even around other big stars so it's no real stretch to assume he could visit Taylor Swift more discreetly than making it look like a sex call at the front door twice in a row.

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