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Update of the census would be a long and laborious process, but of high importance for sustainable development and spatial management of the region.The integration of new types of data acquisition technologies, such as Li DAR and georeferenced terrestrial photographs, may improve the mapping efficiency and accuracy of secondary forest succession dynamics in diverse mountain environments.Forest successional stages and regeneration patterns have been mapped with sufficiently high accuracy in several Li DAR-based studies [25,32,37,38].Many of them, however, were seeking for the best case-specific solution, even at the expense of laborious production of Li DAR-derived layers.Kane [26] demonstrated that if field measurements are not available, forest successional stages can be accurately characterized by Li DAR data.

The results showed that 18.7% of the arable land and 40.4% of grasslands, that is 31.0% of the agricultural land in the Szczawnica commune, may currently be experiencing secondary forest succession.

The overall accuracy of the approach was assessed using georeferenced terrestrial photographs and was found to be 95.0%.

The results of this study indicate that the proposed methodology can potentially be applied in large-scale mapping of secondary forest succession patterns on abandoned land in mountain areas.

However, while many studies have examined forest structure and dynamics with these data, less attention has been paid to mapping secondary forest succession on abandoned fields over large areas, though the results of some small-scale studies are available [51].

Terrestrial photographs play an important role in landscape research [52] because of their ability to illustrate landscape changes [30,53,54,55,56].

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