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Similarly, the arch criterion was introduced by Schutkowski in sub-adult skeletal specimens with a correct sex allocation accuracy of 81.5% for males and 60% for females, which was very similar to composite arch criterion.Schutkowski's method for sex determination allows rapid evaluation of morphological features but the scoring procedure is not precisely defined, making the evaluation process overly subjective and dependent on investigator's experience leading to inconsistent evaluation of morphological features [10].But it is not sufficient enough until the skeletal maturation has taken place under the influence of puberty.The concept of composite arch was proposed by Genoves and it has been successfully utilised in determination of sex with 80% accuracy for males and 88% for females [9].Infant mortality rate was ; neonatal mortality rate was 1..At the 2-year visit, the children included in the INTERGROWTH-21 Fetal Growth Standards were at the 49th percentile for length, 50th percentile for head circumference, and 58th percentile for weight of the World Health Organization Child Growth Standards.Consistent with World Health Organization recommendations, the INTERGROWTH-21 Project has produced the first set of international standards to date pregnancies; to monitor fetal growth, estimated fetal weight, Doppler measures, and brain structures; to measure uterine growth, maternal nutrition, newborn infant size, and body composition; and to assess the postnatal growth of preterm babies.All these standards are based on the same healthy pregnancy cohort.

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Keywords: Sex; Fetal; Ilium; Arch Establishment of sexual dimorphism is most contested topic of research for forensic pathologists.

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Forensic fetal Osteology is the field which needs to be explored for sex determination.

The 34 pairs of Fetal pelvis bones (22 weeks with 100% accuracy.

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