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Whether you are looking to meet singles in Boston or the surrounding area, Lunch Dates makes dating simple.Lunch Dates services clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and will do all of the work, including scheduling a mutually agreed upon time and place for your date. Although there’s no secret sauce to how many apps you should be on, we can all agree......Dating application Hater focuses on matching potential mates with others based off of their mutual dislikes.With the users swiping away what they don't like, Hater is able to gather data to see what Houston users hate more than other Texas cities.One might venture to guess it's either because of the horrifying size of the Lone Star State's flying cockroaches or the sheer hellish heat of Texas summers.

The app doesn't collect info on the reasons behind its users' hate - though someone should really ask North Carolina what it has against DUI checkpoints.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said nearly all of the nation’s outer continental shelf is being considered for drilling, including off the coast of California and across the east coast from Florida to Maine. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has also spoken out against the proposal.

While the move has drawn criticism from environmental advocates, a number Republican lawmakers and officials have spoken out against the move, as well, including Florida Gov.

But some of the other top-ranked loathings are a little more surprising.

Minnesota despises drinking alone - as if there are other things to do there?

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