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They are definitely getting more popular, there are lots appearing round here too. We decided on a Bongo as we needed a bigger car, and after looking at many different 8 seaters we decided on a Bongo - think hubby fell in love with them after looking at a few.

Oh, and out of interest, who are you with for your insurance? Molly was converted when we bought her (hope the whole "giving-a-van-a-name" thing doesn't freak you out too much, have never named any of my vehicles before! The four of us slept upstairs one be recommended! insurance we're with Lifesure which we found on Bongo Fury, very reasonable, ours is classed as a campervan though so not sure how it would go with an unconverted one. Oh and before I forget, most importantly, the WAVE.......idea how it goes either!!!! We've already got a 9 man tent which we use for camping holidays, but the good thing is at least with the Bongo we've got a bit of extra sleeping space - I expect the eldest 2 children will want to sleep up in the top sometimes for the novelty of it!!

We're currently with Direct Line for our current car, and have another 4 months til its up for renewal so will stay with them for now, but we got a quote for the Bongo from them and they want just over 90 a month to insure it! We all just wave frantically and grin like lunatics, that seems to do the trick! Plus, myself and hubby can sneak away for a weekend without having to take the massive tent with us (our parents are great for sharing out the children and babysitting!! The name thing doesnt freak me out at all - OH wants to name ours but we havent thought of a name yet!!

Surely there's got to be places cheaper than that?! The twins are due in Nov but I'm pretty sure they'll arrive some time in October.

We're not sure what sex they are, keeping it as a surprise but I've got a strange feeling its a boy and a girl, I dont know why as I'm probably totally wrong!

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